Packing Right Saves Time and Hassle

We have all ordered something only to discover that the item has been dinged or even damaged along the way because it was poorly packed.

I have first-hand experience with bad deliveries. I tried something new and ordered a sofa online: good price, stylish, and it would only take a week to get to me. Blissfully ignorant, I placed the order and waited eagerly. The delivery was on time and I started assembling my new sofa. 20 minutes in, I realised that the entire backrest was missing. I took photos and emailed them to the company, which nevertheless claimed that I had received everything. It took nearly four weeks before my claim was accepted and a replacement delivery was sent. That’s probably the last time I order from that company. Of course, on other occasions, everything works perfectly, but we never remember those. We expect things to work properly all the time.

Right from the start

When Garantell started its journey, we prepared material without being able to calculate shipping properly. We used a ‘general shipping cost’. We have now introduced a system where our entire production is based on everything being packed correctly from the start and having as little impact on the environment as possible.

Our process begins with someone preparing the project in the Garantellator: the precise size and number of products needed. This gives us the shipping cost immediately. When the time comes for the order to be produced, the system knows what size pallet is needed and a pallet of the correct size is made. The machine can pack the products properly and the warehouse staff can later fetch all the components required to assemble the project. Once the items are produced, packed and wrapped, the freight forwarder can do their job.

Practical boxes

It became clear to us that our investment into further developing the packing process was the right thing to do when our own assembly personnel gave us feedback. They now no longer have to pack small items from large pallets to take them to the place where they will be assembled. Instead, everything comes in practical boxes that you can lift and carry in 10 seconds.

As a salesperson, and as a former warehouse worker, I find it immensely satisfying to see a fully laden truck leave our premises. Then I know that everything is packed tightly and that we’ve made things easier for drivers when loading and unloading.

Naturally, there are still a few things we need to get better at in this extensive process. It may sound fairly simple, but getting everything to run smoothly every time is easier said than done. We continue to improve our work and to make your everyday life simpler.