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Work sweet work. Creating a touch of home at the workplace

In a company where growth is in constant focus, it is easy to end up in a situation where you constantly ‘just have your head above water’. You know the feeling? The focus is on machines and productivity. You forget things like employee well-being, work environment and tidiness. We are trying to change that! We believe that everything is connected. Order, quality, employee well-being is in line with customer satisfaction. How do we work with this? On many levels actually, but this time I thought I would tell you about our work with property, work environment and the group that has been working with this. Here are some tips to make the workplace more pleasant, based on our experience. Maybe you can get inspired by it!

It is never too late to change A BIT...

Remember the moment when the clock struck twelve and you made all these New Year’s resolutions? Eating healthier, moving more? It has been more than seven months now. How is it going? Surveys show that less than 50% of the people are able to keep their promises for more than a couple of months. But do not feel unsuccessful, it is never too late to start a new habit. My tip is not to promise, set goals instead. Then you can have intermediate goals, rewarding yourself. If you miss an intermediate goal, well it is not a disaster, you have a new chance for the next intermediate goal. This feels much better than breaking a promise.

Holiday? Celebrate? Some Tips for Travelling to Sweden

My god, what a year! Nothing was ‘kind of normal’. But as the vaccination wave is rolling over Europe, we can finally start thinking of holidays again. So why not consider a trip up North. Sweden is often associated with bad weather, but to be honest it sounds colder than it is. The advantage is that- if you avoid our big three cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö- population density is quite low, so you can enjoy some culture and nature in a safe way. At Garantell, we have been acting - on the side- as a travel agency, giving some holiday tips to our Sweden-loving- customers. So to make my life easier, I decided to write a blog about it.


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