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Five tips for smarter IT work

What actually is the purpose of digitalisation? In today’s society, it’s the rule rather than the exception that companies are constantly looking for new IT solutions. Perhaps you’ve seen employees sighing over some “new invention” introduced by their own company or its partners.

kissing cheeks

May I kiss you?

The winter is now approaching and in Småland we can look back on magical August evenings when the sun went down at half past nine. Sitting by a reflective dark lake watching the sunset behind the treetops is really something magical. For those who believe in lake monsters, it goes without saying that August evenings, with their shadows and fantastic sunsets, are the height of lake monster season.

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Machine Guards with added wellness

Looking after staff is considered a matter of course for many companies in Sweden, and it’s done in various ways. Not only by, for example, providing breakfast, but also by offering employees a sum of money to enable them to purchase a gym membership or treat themselves to a back massage. We also enjoy exercising together in our lunch break. A short run or a tabata session can be squeezed in before lunch. Sounds strange? Maybe. However, we don’t just see it as exercise. It’s also a chance to socialise with our colleagues. Just like Friday’s after-work session can be of value because it increases the sense of well-being within the team.

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