Q: How do I get a login to Garantellator?

Contact your sales person. If you do not have a previous contact person, find one by going to “contact us” on our website and pick your country and product area.

Q: What is the difference between using Garantellator as a guest and in logged in mode?

As a guest, you can only try how Garantellator works and get an estimated price and delivery time, but not place an order. Logged in, you will get the correct price, personal service and the possibility to place orders. You will also get access to your previous quotes and orders.


Q: Where do I find my estimated delivery time?

There is a link in your quote that you can click. Since the delivery time is subject to change depending on the exact moment when you place your order, the link will show the estimated time if you would place your order at once.

Q: Can I change my request before I order?

Yes, contact your sales person, or if you use Garantellator, go to “manage quote”. In Garantellator you can revise your quote as many times as you wish and thus also compare different alternatives. This is one of the many advantages of using the web tool.

Q: Why did my price change?

Once a month we adjust the prices (up or down) following three different steel price indices (CRU, Platts, MEPS), of which we calculate an average. The new price also includes any changes in exchange rates of the involved currencies. So, if your price changed, it is because the one-month validity of your previous quote has expired.

Q: Why don’t you have any price list?

We produce everything customized on demand, which means we have six billion different possible varieties of products. Also, our prices are subject to change (up or down) every month depending on exchange rates of the involved currencies and changes in the three steel indices (CRU, Platts, MEPS), of which we calculate an average.


Q: Where do I find the weight and size of my pallets?

At the last page of the order confirmation.

Q: Can I cancel or change my order?

No. Our products are made to order, and the production process starts automatically when the order is placed. This is because we have noticed that most customers prefer shorter lead times and shorter assembly times to the possibility of changing orders. We believe shortened lead times and assembly times are some of the best ways to simplify your everyday life.


Q: Where do I find the assembly instructions?

They are included in every delivery and you can also download them from the product pages of our website. The instructions are easy to understand thanks to explanatory drawings and short texts in English.

Q: Can I add new machine guards to my old ones?

Yes. Whether your old machine guards are from Garantell or from another manufacturer, an addition of ours will usually fit in seamlessly. This is because our machine guards are customized, so you can choose your desired height and width of panels and doors, as well as mesh size and RAL colour. Panels in plate and clear polycarbonate are also available.

Q: Why don’t my old brackets fit to the new anti-collapse mesh?

We have changed the design of our anti-collapse mesh. Old panels fit with the new brackets, but old brackets do not fit with the new mesh panels. So, if you have old panels you want to use, you can still order new brackets to them. However, if you order new panels, you need to order the brackets that go with them as well.


Q: Who is my contact person?

If you have received a quote or an order from us previously, your sales contact is mentioned there. Otherwise, go to contacts on our website and choose your country and product to find your team.