What if we stopped there

Time is one of the few things in life that is truly equal – no one can complain or insist that the quota is unfair. Although, the 24 hours a day we all have at our disposal can be utilised or wasted in various ways. However, only the things we manage to accomplish endure over time.

I joined Garantell a little more than six years ago as a sales representative in the Southern Europe market. At that time we had a CAD program to create drawings and an ERP system to generate quotes. Thanks to improvements made, we now have an integrated system where sellers create both drawings and quotes online.

Time savings

Over the years, I have timed how long it takes to create quotes and drawings. A basic quote took about three minutes. Today, with our online program, the same quote takes just 50 seconds. Considering the number of quotes we generate in a year, the time saved for our customers and ourselves equals approximately 86,000 minutes, or 23.8 days, per year. This is a huge time saving...

But what if we stopped development there? Fortunately, our will to progress had not ebbed so we continued. Today we have a proprietary online tool named Garantellator, which we and all our customers can use to draw projects and create quotes. From wherever you are in the world and whenever you need to. No waiting time, no software downloads, always available. An amazing feature!

Try one more time

The title of this post also reminds me of something else: when I began calling customers in Spain. I remember struggling with a certain potential customer who showed little interest in our products. I had the choice, and probably every reason, to give up. But I thought time and time again, “No, I’ll try on more time!” Satisfyingly, after many attempts over a long period of time, I ended up getting a response. Today, that customer has a great relationship with us and is very happy to purchase our products. What if I had stopped there, when no one answered or showed the slightest interest?

Steel wire to circle the world

After many years on the sales team, I now work with purchasing at Garantell. I recently celebrated my first anniversary of being part of the Purchasing department, and we have procured enough metres of steel wire to circle the world. In one year, we have used 44 million metres of steel wire. Will we stop here? No, I don’t think so. We’ll go around the world as many times as needed to ensure safer workplaces and more satisfied customers.

Over the last few years, I have felt a genuine eagerness and willingness to improve things for our customers and for us at Garantell. When I look in the rear-view mirror, I don’t see an option to stop. Times flies by and it’s too precious to stop for long, even though we all need breaks from time to time. The things we accomplish here and now, big or small, endure.