Machine Guards

Garantell’s machine guards are designed to protect almost any type of machinery or industrial equipment. The solutions provide posts with extra reinforcements made in dimensions that facilitate the planning process.

You can also choose different panels or combinations with mixed sections for doors and walls to suit your application – wire mesh, steel plate panels or clear polycarbonate sheets.

Machine Guards

Stable, flexible and easy to install.

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • The doors are delivered pre-assembled.
  • In order to prevent injuries, the mesh is welded inside the tube frame for a soft and modern design without sharp edges.
  • A cutting kit is available to enable both vertical and horizontal adaptation on site.
  • Reinforced posts that stand on welded steel plates.
  • The doors are available in several designs – hinged doors and telescopic sliding doors in single and double designs.
  • The range complies with the Machinery Directive’s demands on permanent machine guards (ISO 14120, ISO 13857).

Accessible solutions.

Garantell solutions in machine protection provide stable, flexible and easy to install safety nets. There are several widths and two heights (2200 and 1400 mm) available. A cutting kit is available to enable adaptation on site. The solutions feature stable 50 × 50 posts and strong doors.

The galvanized finish can be used as is, but can also be delivered powder coated in any RAL colour. In this film clip you can see how well our mesh walling withstand impact:

Doors and locks.

We provide hinged doors – single and double – with a maximum opening of up to 3100 mm. Our telescopic sliding doors provide openings ranging från 900 mm up to 3600 mm. There are no fixed rails along the top edge of the doors, leaving a free path for tall objects to pass when the doors are open.

In order to save you time on site and reduce the risk of something missing or being incorrectly installed, all doors are delivered pre-assembled.

Garantell’s multilock is easy to install and can be used with a variety of switches.

Fixed date for delivery.

Thanks to the secure packaging, the risk of shipping damages is minimal. In order to facilitate your planning, your products will be delivered quickly and on a fixed date.

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