Oh, TECHNICAL! Just by saying the word, I've caught your ear,
When I talk about drawing, oh, TECHNICAL DRAWING, dear,
You're ready with your pencil, or mouse, have no fear.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, let's raise our voices high,
For TECHNICAL DRAWING SUPPORT, under Garantell's great sky,
It's your calling, your destiny, oh, can't you see?
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, it's where we're meant to be!

Sorry, was in a gospel rhyming mood, but no worries, even die-heart-swearing-atheists can apply…


Anyway, at Garantell, we're not just about crafting top-notch safety mesh products. We deliver PEACE OF MIND. Now, we’re on the lookout for a wizard, or even God in technical drawing support, someone who’s not afraid to dive deep into complex projects and be the go-to for our customers' technical questions.


Think you’re a blend of Dexter’s genius and Oprah Winfrey’s empathy? Fantastic, we can’t wait to meet our Dexter Winfrey. Before I forget, speaking Dutch is a bonus, we worden er helemaal stil van!

Who are we?

Garantell, part of the Troax Group, is a company that creates and manufactures advanced wire mesh solutions. We believe in simplifying people's everyday lives. And no, we are not perfect. We are self-critical, love to step out of our comfort zone, and trust people. So, you don't need to be perfect, but enthusiastic!

Self-leading team

Freedom and responsibility are key concepts for us, so we work in self-leading teams. You are part of team South, which consists of Elin, Christo, Marta, Sandra, Luis, Barbara and Alice.


Arriving in their office it is sometimes the equivalent of visiting a Souk (a Mediterranean marketplace). But although they are talkative, they are rather ambitious. They love to discuss sales strategies and master the art of developing excellent customer relations.


Apart their intellectual and emotional intelligence, they are dynamic: engaging in activities such as house sitting, afterwork sports and gin drinking (without alcohol, sorry to spoil the party) with their neighbors. When you meet them in real person, you will not be disappointed but surprised!

Värnamo, technical capital

Your task consists mainly of making technical drawings for our more complex projects. You work in line with the safety norms and in full collaboration with the team and customer. Therefore, you need to be a good listener and problem solver. You can be creative when information is not complete. At the same time, you love to be the beacon of knowledge our customers turn to with their technical worries/questions. So, we need someone who's eager to connect with others.



It would be fantastic that reading technical drawings, such as CAD-files, is as fun as building a spaceship in Lego. You can imagine yourself drawing projects with extreme focus for detail and being right in your comfort zone. We have developed our own drawing program, the Garantellator, which will simplify your life. However, if you have experience in Autocad that would be a nice basis to grow from.



As you are part of an international team, it is important you speak English, and an additional plus would be the knowledge of Dutch. We work in a hybrid model. You work from our office in Värnamo. If you like to; you can work partly from home, maximum 2 days a week.



Are you the brave soul who's not just unafraid but positively thrilled to spread the gospel of technical wisdom? We are looking forward to getting to know you! And tell you all about us! Apply today!


The interviews are ongoing. If you have questions, please contact our Sales Manager Kristin Hallgard, or tel. +46 (0)370- 69 22 44. To apply, use the button below.