Let me barge straight in, and ask you some personal questions. Would you consider yourself as:
Having a nose for market trends?
A networker and negotiator?
Strong-willed and amiable?
Organizing stuff is your thing?

If yes to all these questions, congrats you just have leveled up.


And last but not least: do you love to shop till you drop? This is your chance! No, you will not end up on a Banksy wall, but you can become our new purchasing manager.

Who are we?

Garantell is a family owned business; we create and manufacture high-end wire mesh solutions. We believe in simplifying people’s everyday life. We are an award winning company (winner of the Smart Industry Award in 2018) and fast growing. And no, we are not flawless. We are self-critical, love to step out of our comfort zone and believe in trusting people. Therefore, you do not have to be perfect, but enthusiastic! In other words, do you want to be part of our journey to become market leader in Europe?

Self-leading team

Freedom and responsibility are key concepts for us, so we work in self-leading teams. You are part of team ‘Shop till you drop’. Formerly known as team Purchase. Besides you it consists of 1 person, the one and only Adelina. We could say small is beautiful. But no, to be honest Adelina is not just one person she counts for a whole team. Sporty, reliable, happy, interesting… we can go on, but we will not bore you. 


Work, work, work

Your new BFF are our suppliers, who you will have daily contact with. You are responsible for negotiating and concluding framework agreements. You need to seek out potential suppliers, and pick which have the best goods and services, the best prices for their products, as well as determine the amounts and timing of the delivery.


You are in charge of making sure the operational buying processes run smoothly. Here come the usual suspects: execute purchases within the negotiated agreements and call off by issuing written purchase orders. Make sure the ordered goods are delivered in time. Handle complaints, disputes and warranty matters. Check invoices against concluded agreements to identify price deviations and, in connection with this, a little bit needless to say monitor Garantell’s interests.

Of course we want you to get in your helicopter once in a while -ö we care about the environment so it is a kind of catapult. And make sure you get the bigger picture and work on improving the purchase processes as a whole. You can let yourself go completely and embrace the Småland spirit of you being ‘snål’ and make analysis so you identify significant savings. And as the world is changing fast-paced we want you do have strong analytical and problem-solving skills and a highly developed instinct for market trends to prepare us for what is coming.


The toppings

Needless to say we want you to have experience as a purchaser. It would be great if you have experience with buying steel. Sorry to compare you with a pizza. But no worries the latter we consider an extra topping.


We need you to fluent in English and Swedish, we are a multicultural company after all and we want you to be able to bond with everybody.



The interviews are ongoing. If you have questions, please contact Martina Andersson , +46 (0) 370 692245.

To apply, send your cover letter and CV in Swedish or English by using the button below.

Closing date for application is on the 16th of April.



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