If I ask you to describe yourself in one word, you would probably go for something like Technology-Lover? Did this love start early? You have been a member of the school’s programming club? Alternatively, was it more a love for Donkey Kong or Fortnite triggering you? Anyway, we can take this trip down memory lane later…

Taking apart a computer sounds like fun to you? Python, Gecko, a mouse, are actually more than a bunch of animals? Very good, we are currently looking for an IT support for our office in Värnamo. But let us be well-behaved for once and introduce ourselves first.

Who are we?

Garantell is a family owned business; we create and manufacture high-end wire mesh solutions. We believe in simplifying people’s everyday life. We are an award winning company (winner of the Smart Industry Award in 2018) and fast growing. We love to be an early adopter, and therefore digital systems are in the heart of our DNA. And no, we are not flawless. We are self-critical, love to step out of our comfort zone and believe in trusting people. Therefore, you do not have to be perfect, but enthusiastic! In other words, do you want to be part of our digital journey and help Garantell to become market leader in Europe?

Self-leading teams

Freedom and responsibility are key concepts for us, so we work in self-leading teams. You are working in the IT team. Mmm, which is somewhat logical, it would be rather a shock if it had been the Human Resources one. Anyway, a very experienced colleague is waiting for you, called 01000001 01101110 01110100 01101111 01101110. He will inspire you with his trial-and-error method. In addition, if the stress levels increase his dry humor, natural cool and maybe some additional meditation will come in handy. We recently hired an additional member to this team, 01001001 01101100 01101001 01110010 01100101 with her youth and programming knowledge, she stands for pure girl power. What can we say; we are looking forward to meet you. And no, both of them are not sitting in a windowless basement office, but do come over and discover their habitat.

No working experience? No worries we will introduce you in our magical world of IT. At Garantell we care about values such as 1+1=3, learning by listening, and the eternal pursuit of greater simplicity. Do you have tons of IT experience? The better!

What’s up?

What does a working day look like? Apart from drinking a cup of coffee first? All days are different, but we will explain the focus. Your team is the number one support for questions of employees. This can be hardware or software related. For instance, installing computers, telephones and printers. And unfortunately as always with human beings, the wonderful people at Garantell are at different stages in their IT development. Houston we got a problem can be code for …please restart the computer by pushing its button…or you just crashed the entire system. So you need to control your inner Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory for those who are lost now) and sharpen your social skills to deal with these computer-dummies or experts (depending on the perspective).


You co-support also our business system. The team makes sure the network, backup systems and servers are working well. Moreover, we developed our own program, the Garantellator, which enables our sales and customers to configure their own products. Together with 01001001 01101100 01101001 01110010 01100101 you are project leader of this system, and are responsible for its further developments. In this role, you will have to collaborate with our external suppliers. And yes, sometimes things will mysteriously just not work. We will allow you to curse, even scream (as long as you do not scare all the forest animals in Värnamo away). But we will also stimulate you to find your inner Sherlock, or maybe we should say your inner Larry Page and start your search engine to puzzle out a solution.


The working language is Swedish, but we are a lovely multicultural company, so some basic knowledge of Swenglish is required. And as we are now talking about languages. It would be just fantastic if you can communicate with the computers in Javascript. And if we say SQL, you answer in DDL, DML, DQL… Additionally, you have knowledge of the systems VmWare and Jeeves. But if not, do not panic, keep your cool, Larry(sa)!

Move your cursor!

Just lift your bloody cursor and apply as fast as possible. The interviews are ongoing. If you have questions please contact our Head of IT Anton Axelsson Anton@garantell.com, Tel 0370 69 22 39.


To apply send your cover letter and CV in Swedish or English to our HR manager Pernilla Svensson, Pernilla.s@garantell.com



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Pernilla Svensson