Do you love to color out of the lines? Are you an IT expert? Do you see yourself leading your team of intellectual badass, formerly known as a bunch of nerds, to achievements that are even more incredible?

If we say Gantt, milestones, bottlenecks, you are not thinking about a collection of objects, but you say project management. And if I add the word agile, you start screaming: ‘me, me, me’ out of excitement. You love to build bridges, not literally, although also cool, between people, machines and IT systems. Are you ready to become our contemporary Gaudi creating a Sagrade Familia with bits and bytes, some bolts and screws and amazing people? Ö no pressure you only need to work a little faster…

Who are we?

Garantell is a family owned business; we create and manufacture high-end wire mesh solutions. We believe in simplifying people’s everyday life. We are an award winning company (winner of the Smart Industry Award in 2018) and fast growing. We love to be an early adapter, and there for digital systems are in the heart of our DNA. And no, we are not flawless. We are self-critical, love to step out of our comfort zone and believe in trusting people. Therefore, you do not have to be perfect, but enthusiastic! In other words, do you want to be part of our journey and to become market leader in Europe?

Much to do!

We let you in on a secret, we have just invented this job at Garantell, so we are kind of looking for an odd duck. Or to put it more fancy, just look at the job title. You need to be inventive, structured, and a good coach. Because these are the voyages of the starship Garantell. Its mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no woman/man has gone before! At Garantell we are true explorers writing our own scripts, ahead of others ö with a little touch of Star Trek.


You need to help improve productivity and quality of operations by helping the various IT systems to talk to each other through the integration, to speed up information flows and reduce operational costs for the organization. And you need to develop these systems and especially our online design tool, the Garantellator further.


What is your job all about? We want you to lead 3 teams: the IT, R&D and machine building one. And with a central focus on IT systems because we believe in digitalization. We have no elf pushing a button to start production. Nope, everything is fully automated from creating an offer to sending the goods. It is one chain of events. Furthermore, we build our production lines ourselves. Therefore, we need you to have project-management experience dealing with complex systems within IT. Of course, you need to be acquainted to work in a production industry, so you connect it to people and machines. You kind of create a love triangle.


We love you to have a higher education in IT and several years experience in leading people and working in a production environment. Not ticking all these boxes, no worries, just convince us!

Self-leading teams

Freedom and responsibility are key concepts for us, so we work in self-leading teams. Your three teams consist of 8 people and 6 external consultants. But as our company is striving to full automation and frictionless systems, this number will only grow. As their coach, you will help the teams to improve their own process and routines. Help them setting goals and improve efficiency. They are specialists in Javascript, SQL, VMWare, Jeeves, machine building, Cad drawing, dry jokes and so much more.


Are you the one helping us on our digital journey? To boldly go where no woman/man has gone before! If so, apply today! Our bits do not byte.


Ö before I forget you will be member of the management board.


Apply today! Interviews are ongoing and the position can be withdrawn when we find the right candidate. If you have questions about the position please contact Mikael Axelsson, Tel 0370 69 22 31.


To apply please send your CV and cover letter to our HR manager Pernilla Svensson,



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Pernilla Svensson