We have a dream

We have a dream that one day,
There will be no longer bosses.
We have a dream that one day,
Nobody will say: ‘this is not my job’.
We have a dream that one day,
Everybody feels safe coming out of his/her comfort zone.
We have a dream that one day,
All coworkers will fulfil their potential.
We have a dream that one day,
The team will be more important than the individual.
We have a dream that one day,
There will be no bad working days only bad hair days.

What is your dream? If we say: ‘give me an H, give me an R’, you say: ‘me, me, me, me… ‘. Excellent. We are just now looking for an HR generalist helping people all over the organization with their -yes indeed- HR questions.


Who are we? 

Garantell is a family owned business; we create and manufacture high-end wire mesh solutions. We believe in simplifying people’s everyday life. We are an award winning company (winner of the Smart Industry Award in 2018) and fast growing. And no, we are not flawless. We are self-critical, love to step out of our comfort zone and believe in trusting people. Therefore, you do not have to be perfect, but enthusiastic! In other words, do you want to be part of our journey to become market leader in Europe?

Self-leading teams

Freedom and responsibility are key concepts for us, so we work in self-leading teams. You will be part of our finance/HR team together with Martina and Emilia. The two of them are fond of financial stuff, small talk and share a love for interior design and beige. But you will discover that later.

Much to do

Now you can start wondering what do you expect me to do? After a cup of coffee, and some karaoke, we want you to help where every employee starts: the recruiting process. You have to organize it, follow up and give support to the different departments, Of course, needless to say that all these recruited people need onboarding and some others will need off-boarding. So consider it to be, the next task on your list. By the 25th of every month coworkers do expect to get paid, some of us need to go to Gekås after all. And tadaaa the sequel, guess who is the super-user in the salary system Flex. Who me? Yes you!

And some more

You are responsible for a lot administrative stuff relating to HR, like employee inquiries, the staff guidance book, internal communication. And in the meantime we are knitting you a hat, with the word expert on it, as you will be ours regarding the working environment, labor law and SAM. You help us to develop HR policies and competence development programs.

Are you the one?

Do you have some years of experience in HR and salary administration? And we would love you to have a relevant schooling within the field of HR. As we are working in an international environment, we want you to be fluent in English and Swedish. Furthermore, we start waving to all not prestige minded, self-leading, variety-of-tasks-at-high-pace-loving people.

Are you by any chance that kind of person everybody easily relates to, who knows everything about everybody because people can trust and rely upon you. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to help us with strategic and administrative tasks? If so, do not postpone your application, do it now!!!!! Interviews are ongoing and we like to have your application latest the 30th of April.

If you have any questions about this position, please contact Martina Andersson, martina.a@garantell.com or phone +46 370 69 22 45.

Apply today by sending an e-mail (including CV and personal letter) with the subject line HR generalist to: martina.a@garantell.com 



Martina Andersson