Does wire thickness, mesh grid, floor distance make your heart beat faster? Probably not, as you most likely never heard about safety mesh products.

If Technical Wizard of Safety Fences is your nickname, go immediately to the apply button. If not, can you imagine yourself drawing wire safety projects? Helping your team members solving technical riddles? Being their technical God(ess)? Are you able to think out of the box? In the box? And about the box? Fluent in German? Tadaa! We are looking for a German-speaking drawing and project support.

Who are we? 

Garantell is a family owned business. We create and manufacture high-end wire mesh solutions. We believe in simplifying people's everyday life. We are an award winning company (Smart Industry Award 2018) and fast growing. And no, we are not flawless. We are self-critical, love to step out of our comfort zone and believe in trusting people. Therefore, you do not have to be perfect, but enthusiastic! In other words, do you want to be part of our journey to become market leader in Europe?

Self-leading teams

Freedom and responsibility are key concepts for us, so we work in self-leading teams. You will be part of the German-speaking team. A Swiss, Austrian and three German colleagues are waiting for you. It is a record-breaking team, always ready to set a new benchmark. But no pressure, listening to Schlagers and dancing the polonaise is done on Fridays. No drawing experience? No worries, we will introduce you into the fabulous world of wire. At Garantell we care about values such as 1+1=3, learning by listening, and the eternal pursuit of greater simplicity. However, we need you to be interested in technical stuff and in for a challenge. Do you have tons of technical drawing experience? Hallelujah, keep on reading!

Värnamo centre of your existence

Your focus will be on the German speaking market. You are based in Värnamo, Sweden. We are known for our extreme high customer service levels. Your task consists mainly of making technical drawings, in support of your team and customer. For instance, a car manufacturer needs fences to guard their automation line. You draw this project in line with the safety norms and in full collaboration with the team and customer. So you definitely need to be a good listener and problem solver.

Last but not least

It would be fantastic that reading technical drawings, such as CAD-files, is a piece of cake for you. But no deal breaker, the tea is more important than the cake! You can imagine yourself drawing projects with extreme focus for detail and being right in your comfort zone. We have developed our own drawing program, the Garantellator, which will simplify your life. However, if you have experience in Autocad that would be a nice basis to grow from. The working language is German and you need to master it both in speech and in writing. You also need to be able to communicate in Swedish or English.

We are looking forward to getting to know you! Apply today!

The interviews are ongoing. If you have any questions, please contact Sales Director Kristin Hallgard, or phone +46 370 69 22 44.

To apply, send your cover letter and CV in Swedish or English to our HR-manager Pernilla Svensson, with the subject line Drawing support 




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Pernilla Svensson