Nine things we do for the environment

Our environmental efforts are mainly concentrated on reducing the amount of energy used, both for heating and cooling the factory/machinery and for transports.

1) We cool the process water from the cooling of the automation welds with drilled holes in the rock. In the same borehole, large heat pumps are connected to heat the premises (with this system we store excess heat in the rock which we then use to heat the premises).

2) With a combination of product adaptation and more efficient welding transformers, we have reduced the energy consumption per unit manufactured.

3) By changing the products’ design, we have reduced the transport volume per unit, as the products can now be stacked more tightly.

4) Our online service allows customers to make their own drawings and get an instant quote, including drawing, estimated delivery time and pricing of both product and transport. Our system automatically calculates which conveyor is the most suitable for the delivery, it chooses the optimal way of packing the goods and the optimal vehicle – all to minimize the number of vehicles needed and to avoid empty space in the trailers. This is to the benefit of both the customer and the environment.

5) We avoid long-distance and internal transport thanks to the fact we have invested in industrial robots that are able to produce all the components within our own premises in southern Sweden. We buy the raw material (wire and steel) and produce everything on site: mesh, posts, doors, mesh decks. There is no production overseas, and we have full control over the environmental aspects of the production.

6) We are certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007.

7) The only energy we consume in the factory is electricity and the electricity we buy is from renewable sources. Heating and cooling of the premises and machinery is geothermal.

8) In our environmental review everything is specified; from applicable laws to choice of technology, material and machinery; use of chemical products, handling of waste/recycling and choice of suppliers who have environmental certificates.

9) No incidents with an effect on the environment have been reported at Garantell’s premises since the start in 2003, and the factory causes no known vibrations, noise, dust or air pollution to the surrounding area.