Garantell's CEO Mikael Axelsson reveals key to success

Our CEO Mikael Axelsson was recently interviewed by the national EFN Economy Channel, who looked for the key to success in the automation and digitalisation process of industries. In the video you get glimpses of our production and the forthcoming extension of our premises.

The interview is in Swedish but here is a short summary: Mikael Axelsson explains customers can now design their own projects online, and get their quote, including lead time, instantly. When the order is placed, it is sent directly to the factory for production.

Garantell has grown by 60 percent in the last three years and is now again extending the premises. Five-six years ago we started the digital transformation: from an ordinary, mass producing company to one where products are made to order. Mikael Axelsson reveals the three questions behind the success. At Garantell, we asked ourselves: Why do we exist? Who are we for? And what values should we add? It ended up with a crucial question that is now the starting point for everything we do: How can we simplify things for customers as well as ourselves?

The reporter asks why we decided to change from mass production to customized products. Mikael Axelsson explains it is a win-win-situation. The customer no longer needs to depend on what we have in stock, and thus compromise with his or her project. At the same time, assembly time and environmental impact are both reduced as we do not deliver surplus material to be cut on site, everything fits perfectly to start with.And for us, it means safer and more efficient internal processes, as well as a reduced amount of tied up capital.

See the video here: